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grow profits and improve your business today!

plant helps you, a busy business owner, get more results with less effort by focusing your activities on the highest value uses of your time and resources

plant provides consulting and coaching services in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Sales

    • Example projects:​ analysis of current product/service offering, sales channel evaluation, analysis of customer buying habits

  • Finance​​

    • Example projects: creation and evaluation of financial metrics such as customer lifetime value, calculation and recommendations for the return on future investment opportunities

  • Operations​​

    • Example projects: ​business process analysis and improvement, business process automation and simplification

  • Technology

    • Example projects: website development​, evaluation of cybersecurity strategy and policies, search engine optimization (SEO) audit and enhancement


working with plant is simple

  1. Email hello@plant.financial to schedule a consultation

  2. During the consultation we'll identify areas where plant can help

  3. We'll then provide a project proposal, give billing options, and establish milestones for project completion

  4. If the proposal is accepted, we'll begin work immediately

Jamieson honed his consulting skills as a technology consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP. He started plant to help small business owners have the time and energy to achieve their biggest goals.

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simplicity over complexity

plant focuses on the details that matter. Often vital details reveal simple-to-understand solutions. Simple solutions are more likely to create successful results and are, therefore, preferred.

disciplined technical


plant utilizes deep industry and business analysis when necessary to provide an action plan for your business. This analysis gives you the why behind the proposed action plan and the data to prove it.

strictly results driven

plant always works with a goal in mind. Activities undertaken should provide results for the business, whether that's improved profit, decreased costs, or better positioning in the marketplace.