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About Plant

Plant focuses on helping business owners grow their businesses as well as themselves.

In my previous position, I spent five years consulting and during that time I learned a lot about solving complex problems. More importantly, I learned how to communicate with a broad range of people.

People. It's important to me to treat people well. It's important to me to "seek first to understand". It's also important to me to tell the truth.

I'll tell you how I see it. You may hate to hear it (or hate me for saying it), but trees must face strong winds in order to stand tall.

Plant's process follows a bottom-up approach, focusing first on the seemingly mundane (e.g. the day-to-day) before progressing to deeper areas (e.g. your life purpose). It's necessary to understand what you'd like to gain from working with Plant, but you'll find that those initial goals will tend to broaden as you go through the process.

Plant is dedicated to continuous improvement. As a learning organization Plant works to continuously improve the effectiveness of its teaching methods and process. What that means is that once you become part of the Plant family, you'll continue to receive benefits. I'm excited to grow with you!