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Sowing the Seeds

Beginner Financial Coaching

Are there things you've wanted to learn but felt embarrassed to ask? Throughout the process of financial coaching you'll be able to get those questions answered.

Everybody starts somewhere and learning about personal finance is no different. Taking the first step - sowing the seeds - gets you into the habit of exploring personal finance.

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Tending the Field

Intermediate Financial Coaching

Once you have the basics down, you'll be in a position to make better decisions about your finances. This is where you begin building a plan to get an understanding of when you're likely to meet your long-term goals.

When you have a plan in place, you can optimize based on real data. Without the data to make that decision, it's difficult to say if that's the most appropriate action.

Reaping the Harvest

Advanced Financial Coaching

Congratulations! If you're at this point then you've built an understanding of personal finance, you have a plan in place, and have started optimizing towards long-term goals.


At this point you have the opportunity to take it further. You are now exploring advanced techniques to further improve the economics of your situation.

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