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It's impossible to run an optimal business if your business processes are "in your head."

To illustrate, if there are two ways of doing something, you'd expect one to be better for whatever reason. This means that any time that task is completed in the "worse" way, something is being wasted.

If you know the best way to act and don't act that way, then you're wasting resources. If you waste enough resources, your business will fail.


Or, in a worse case, it might perform just well enough that you aren't forced to change. Your business teeters on the edge, never quite succeeding but never really failing either.

You deserve better than that! 

Your business should continually perform as effectively as possible. Innovation is how you change after you're doing things the best way you can.

Investing in new technology without well-defined business processes is shooting at a target you can't see. You have to understand what constraint is being reduced and make sure it'll actually enhance the system's performance.

With each formalized business process, you'll discover:

      How much faster you can do your business tasks.

      How much time is wasted on unnecessary activities.

      Why "how it's always been done" may be holding your business back.


      ...and on and on. Each improvement builds your winning edge! 


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