Marketing is about systems of communication, you're communicating why prospective clients should choose your business over every other option. Arbitrary marketing leads to arbitrary results while strategic marketing leads to higher and higher returns on marketing investments.

Plant helps you refine how you're communicating with your market and helps you get the most out of your marketing dollars.


Businesses today must understand and effectively utilize technology. An investment in the right technology could set you up for long-term profitability. A lack of investment could set your business down a path of ruin. 

Plant helps you make sense of your technology options and can help non-techies understand the path forward.


Strategy is the foundation of your business. A successful strategy helps your business stand apart from the rest of the market and, ideally, creates competitive advantage. A business with competitive advantages has a stronger position in the market and can command higher profits.

Plant helps you define your business strategy and enhance your position in the market.

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