Websites are an asset that can be optimized to drive business results. Contrary to a traditional view of websites (glorified, digital billboards), your website should direct clients through each stage of the buying process. It should help clients make the best decision (which better be to buy from you!) about the products and services you offer. 

Plant has experience with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and can provide support for custom sites (preferably those built with JavaScript, Python, PHP, or Java).


Well-defined business processes differentiate businesses that are improving and those that simply hope for success. In terminology popularized by the lean movement, muda (often translated as waste) exists and must be systematically reduced. Internal business process mapping helps identify this waste and eliminate it.

Plant helps you make these processes concrete, the first step to reducing costs and improving profitability in your business operations.


A campaign is a specific application of marketing; you're highlighting a particular product or service you offer through different channels like social media or paid advertising over a certain period of time.


Plant can assist you in creating, evaluating, and enhancing your regularly occurring marketing campaigns across all channels.


Building a brand is about more than creating a logo. Your brand is about communicating where you fit in the world. It explains what you value, how you work, and who you are. A curated brand makes it clear what clients can expect when they interact with your business.

Plant helps you create your business's story and communicate that story through its brand and the brands it owns. 

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