It's Not About Me

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Who's the subject of your work?

This might come as a shock since it’s the opposite of what you’d expect from a consultant, but it has nothing to do with me. It’s not about what I can do for you, it’s what you can do for you…

But that’s not quite right either.

We both know the real truth: it isn’t about you either, it’s about them.

Your clients, the people you are ultimately serving, that’s who it’s about. If you appreciate that your ability to serve has nothing to do with you, then you can begin to understand how you get more of what you want. Oddly enough the thing you really want, if you’re being truthful, is a better result for them.

If that’s not the case, then the byproducts (money) may or may not show up. Think about it, there are people who work their entire lives and make very little money. They’re happy or they’re sad, both results are possible. On the other side, there are people who make as much money in a year as some people make in their entire lives. And I’m not talking about the mega-rich, those who make that much in moments. I’m talking about the people who make a couple million a year.

These people are no doubt wealthy. They, in fact, have more than they would ever need. What do they want? Some of them want more, some of them want nothing. Both results are possible.

Well, Jamieson, are you saying that we should give up achievement and live in a commune?

No, certainly not. You need to realize that achievement is a byproduct of service. A client who is getting everything they want and need from your service has no reason to go elsewhere. A client who remains with you forever can be an incredibly profitable client. A client who is getting everything will be unable to stop themselves from sharing their good fortune (verbally) with their network.

This network almost certainly contains people who would also benefit from your service. Selling to a referral, who’s been convinced that there’s no reason to continue the search, is a sale that is made before you participate. You take your breath mint, you meet them wherever, you talk about whatever, and, as an afterthought, you hand over the contract. They sign. You continue to serve.

But wait. Doesn’t that mean I should ignore things that make me more comfortable? If it’s not in service of the client, then why should we do it?

You have to be honest with yourself. If nicer stationary helps the client become better at what they do, perhaps through an expanded belief in their capabilities, then go for it. If it doesn’t, then it’s irrelevant. As the percentage of your work increases in irrelevancy, you become unable to serve your client better than anyone else. The bar gets lowered every time you do things that don’t matter.

When the bar is low enough, a competitor can fall into success. As you do these irrelevant things, you shift the focus from them to you. Do this enough and all you’ll have is you. Your clients will have moved on to someone who cares about them or, at the very least, cares more about them than you do.


Plant helps you serve them better.

SEO services are not about getting clicks, it’s about getting the right people to know about you, to understand how you serve them, and give them the opportunity to choose you as their service provider. Now, replace SEO with Marketing Consulting; it’s the same thing, just at a different level.

Plant helps you serve them better.

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