Why would I hire a coach?

The Sapling: Working with a coach makes you accountable for goal achievement, gives you a clear view of reality, and helps you achieve your goals faster! The cost of a good coach is significantly smaller than the benefits you gain. Email us at hello@plant.financial to get started today!

When you think about how you'd like to spend your money, you usually come up with things that increase your pleasure, like a nice meal. You might choose to buy something that reduces your potential pain, like filling your car with gas. The pain of walking to a nearby gas station, while your car is stuck on the freeway, is an experience most prefer not to have in their lives. Another item you may purchase are things that increase your social standing, like an upgraded vehicle or jewelry. Generally, we spend money on our short-term needs and wants. These are necessary to keep the wheels of life moving, but we also quite unsurprisingly have to use our money for our long-term needs and wants.

You may purchase books to help you learn a new skill or a home you can make your own. With the exception of needs spending (like groceries), long-term spending provides major benefits and allows you to avoid major consequences. Saving for retirement is a huge goal you'd like to achieve and the only way to do that is to take action. Coaching helps you take those necessary actions and then supercharges them! The late Oseola McCarty is famous for saving an extraordinary amount of money during her life. She worked a blue collar job and was incredibly frugal. In 1995 she gave away $150,000 of her over $250,000 of life savings to the University of Southern Mississippi. If she had spent a relatively small amount of that money on coaching, then her results would have been drastically better, by some estimates she could have ended up with nearly $1 million. (1)

Goal Achievement

You hire a coach to make sure you achieve a particular goal. Your coach works with you to create a plan and gets you to stick with it. Often we have nagging thoughts about our important, but not urgent, implicit long-term goals: "I really should be saving for retirement" or "I'll start someday". Pay attention to these! Your mind is telling you there's something to be done.

If you work with a coach, then you can confirm you're on the right track. Assuming you've done your homework and have a solid understanding of what you've set out to do, your coach (if trustworthy) should encourage you to keep going on your own. This is more of a check-in interaction and can be immensely valuable. On the other hand, if you're off-track (or don't know what the track looks like) then a coach can right the ship quickly. That coach can save you months and years of struggling and potentially being unable to ever reach your goal, which again is worth much, much more than the price you'd pay for coaching.

The Dispassionate Truth

You hire a coach to show you the truth, the unvarnished reality about where you are. An individual does not become morbidly obese overnight. A health coach is the person who stops that train before it becomes a runaway. Progress is so much more likely if it doesn't have to be major and short-term. Gastric bypass surgery is an effective way to lose weight quickly, but the toll it takes is expensive. You have to go to the hospital, you have to pay for it in some capacity, and you may experience severe complications. The downsides are significantly reduced if, at the earliest stages, you were informed and accountable for the three specific actions you needed to take to avoid the surgery. The truth sometimes hurts, but failing to know the truth can lead to much more painful experiences.

Speed Baby!

You hire a coach to speed up your progress. Given the world today, there are so many ways you can go about living your life. Zig Ziglar mentioned that you can be a "wandering generality" or a "meaningful specific". A productivity coach can provide you with techniques to increase your ability to get things done. It's, frankly, incredible how much quicker things can be finished when you've refined your process. Projects that you'd expect to take months can get done in weeks. Time is a resource which is impossible to increase, so any activities you pursue which increase the value of your time are fantastically valuable.

In the end, you frequently seek advice from well-meaning friends and family. That advice rarely includes a commitment associated to it; the person who gave you the advice won't typically be upset if you never talk about it again. If you don't achieve the results you're aiming for then you simply continue taking ineffective actions or stop making progress altogether. Don't fall into this mode, find a coach and try them out.

At Plant, we'll help you get your personal finances organized, improve your productivity at work and home, and help you take your business to the next level. Email us at hello@plant.financial to start the conversation. The first 30 minutes of coaching are free of charge and those 30 minutes are the real deal. We don't spend 20 minutes meandering through introductions simply to get you to come back later for the good stuff, we get right into it so you can determine if the goods are in fact good! We look forward to hearing from you!

(1) Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth: https://www.fool.com/retirement/2008/11/24/ordinary-people-extraordinary-wealth.aspx

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