search engines

Your client takes different paths on the journey to choose you over a competitor. You need to know how they're finding you and determine if you're filling your sales pipeline with valuable leads or nothing


Plant's reports provide data from the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engine ranking, search queries used, and search impressions are some examples of data available with the help of Plant.

social media

Social media actions must support a marketing strategy. If you knew that your target audience shared your posts twice as often in the morning, would you continue to post in the evening? There's no simple answer, but it's much better to approach the problem logically than haphazardly.

Plant's reports provide data from social media activities across all major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

For example, you can learn what types of Facebook posts work best for your business, what time of the day and week you get the most shares, and where your fans are located.

onsite analytics

The customer is on your digital doorstep, all your marketing efforts got them to show up. What happens next is totally in your control. Knowing, in detail, what they do when they get there can be the difference between predictable sales or a dead website. Plant's reports generate gather and organize information from analytics tools embedded on your website. 

Knowing your actual rate of cart abandonment can allow you to intelligently test new approaches. Changing anything without knowing its impacts will, undoubtedly, lead to sub-optimal results.

internal analytics

Combining your semi-public data (e.g. social media engagement) with your internal data (e.g. sales from your website) can provide the deepest insights about how your business functions. Once the information is organized, you may be able to cut costs or improve revenues without fundamentally changing your business.


Consider phone calls; if 20% of your phone calls are about hours of operation, then you may want to highlight those hours more prominently on your website. Now, as those types of calls decrease, more time is available for higher value activities.

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